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Letterpress Wedding Invitations and Art Prints

Letterpress Wedding Invitations and Art Prints

Long time no see, friends! It’s about time we updated you on our comings and goings, don’t you think? We’ve been busy planning our holiday cards, as well as with some fun custom work.

Birmingham AL wedding invitations letterpress

These two-color art prints were printed for a family who love dandelions using the colors of their home. We love how delicate the dandelion artwork turned out!

Birmingham AL wedding invitations letterpress

We were also thankful to be approached by the ever-talented Kristen of Pen Meet Paper. Kristen needed someone to print her wedding invitations, and we were more than happy to help! Not only did we get the chance to work with Kristen’s lovely hand-lettering, but we got to print in a color that reminded us of UNC blue (as Tar Heels, we didn’t need any more reason to like that!).

Birmingham AL wedding invitations letterpress

Kristen paired them with a beautiful monogram.

Birmingham AL wedding invitations letterpress

(image from Kristen’s Instagram)

Birmingham AL wedding invitations letterpress

We don’t do much custom work, so any time we get to work with people on something special, it’s always so much fun. We’re diving into holiday work now, so stay tuned for more news!


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Free Desktop Wallpaper – Antigua

It’s happened. We’ve come down with a sad case of vacation withdrawal. So, we thought it would be fun to commemorate our trip to Antigua with a pretty desktop wallpaper. After we finished it, we thought, “Hey, why not give it away?” So we are! You can download the free desktop wallpaper below by clicking the image. Once the larger image loads, right click on it, and hit “Save Image As…” Hope you enjoy!


The Day We Printed Something for Southern Living Magazine

The Day We Printed Something for Southern Living Magazine

A few months ago, Southern Living magazine approached us about printing a piece for their March issue. Of course we were thrilled, and said yes just as quickly as we could. As it turned out, quick became the name of the game, because the magazine needed the piece, a tag that was going to be wrapped around a vase with a pretty ribbon for a photo shoot, in a jiffy. Before we knew it, we were express-ordering plates and printing just a day later. The pieces were in our studio for less than 24 hours before they were rushed to the magazine in time for the shoot!

Southern Living Happy Penguin


Then, just like all their loyal readers, we had to wait and wait until the issue came out to see the shot. Seeing our paper product all dolled up in their pretty ribbon and styled so perfectly was so neat! The March issue is beautiful and bright, just what we need for this dreary February we’re having. I encourage you to grab a copy off newsstands for yourself. For those of you who don’t live in the South or don’t have access to an issue, click the image above for a PDF of the cover and page we’re mentioned on.


As a fun bonus, the magazine is offering the tag as a free download—click here to get a copy for yourself!

Happy Holidays from Happy Penguin

We’re visiting with family, drinking our weight in hot chocolate, and eating more pie than we care to admit, but we thought we’d stop in to wish you all a very happy holiday season. May 2013 bring you many, many blessings!

scout christmas


Happy Penguin + Handmade Marathon

Hooray! Today is our day to be a part of The Handmade Marathon. Please head over, read our feature, and support the Handmade Marathon cause. Also, we have a surprise! To celebrate the Marathon and thank those who contributed to our Name That Press contest, we’re offering 25% off all cards for one week (Oct. 6-13). Check out our post at The Handmade Marathon for details!