Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration

Color inspiration can come from all places, not just other paper products. For me, it sometimes comes from beautiful shots of food.

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Doesn’t this make you wish you were standing right there, about to pluck one of those little gems from the table and pop it into your mouth?  I love how this shot brings out the various shades of blue, the gray-silver tone of the table, and the grain of the wood.

Photography of nature in general can be a great source of color. This shot of D.C. makes me want to dabble in yellow right away.


And then there’s interior design. Even as a child, I loved looking at pretty home shots in magazines. Better Homes & Garden’s 2011 color palette could inspire countless designs on your walls or on paper.

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Which combo is your favorite? I’m loving #1, 2, 5, and 8, but I could have easily named them all.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things in a photograph that inspire. Like in this shot from Samuelle Couture.

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My goodness that’s gorgeous, isn’t it? It would make a beautiful spring or summer wedding dress for an outdoor event. (Or if you’re like me, and you sometimes want to buy a couture dress just to wear around the house on a Saturday. Crazy, I know.) Color wise, I love the contrast of the soft white against the deep gray, and just that little pop of pale pink from the flower in her hair.

Speaking of pink flowers, our yard has been bursting with color this season. Whether due to our mild winter or early spring, the flowers have been wildly happy (no pun intended). How about you guys? Any places you notice color and get that warm fuzzy feeling inside?

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