Etsy Finds 04

Etsy Finds 04

Time for another Etsy Finds column! This time around I thought we could focus on items for your office. Whether you work at home or away, having an office space that keeps you cheery and the creative juices flowing is important for the soul—especially on those rainy days when all you really want to do is lie in bed with a hot tea and a good book! Here’s our Etsy suggestions for accomplishing a bit of sunshine indoors, and below the listings, a short blurb on why we picked each one. Please visit the shops and support their work!

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Left to right, top to bottom:
1. Mug: For that tea I mentioned; 2. Bird Print: To pretty the walls; inspiration when your eyes wander from that boring computer screen; 3. Washi Tape: Washi! Do we need another reason? 4. Clothespins: Because A) they’re chevron and B) wouldn’t you rather keep that stack of papers together with these than a plain black clip? 5. Vintage Oak File: Picture this holding all those loose rubber bands and paper clips; 6. Spring Birds: For that other wall of yours; 7. Bowls: For those loose items that always need a home; 8. Moleskin Notebook: Notes! Always necessary; 9. Quilt: For when the AC kicks on and you catch a chill; 10. Mustache: For over the door—what a fun surprise!; 11. Donut Clips: Oh my gosh, donut clips? Sold! Put them in that bowl we mentioned; 12. Vintage Letterpress Type: For the letterpress junkies in us; think of them as wonderful paperweights.

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