Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

We’ve been busy, busy, busy over here, but when I stumbled upon this article about growing peonies by Kinfolk Magazine, I had to share. If I picked a favorite flower, it would be ranunculus, but peonies would be a veryclose second. We even had all the bouquets at our wedding made of peonies. They looked like clouds of pink molded onto green stems.


Photograph by James Fitzgerald III

Can you imagine having a field like this to walk through? It makes me want to drop all this printing and run outside to plant all day (though, in Alabama, I would get serious heat stroke!). For more information about how you can grow a yard full of peonies yourself, or just to see more pretty photography, check out the article here. It has lots of great information, from ant troubles (who knew ants liked peonies?), to ideal conditions and when to plant.

Happy Friday, all!

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