Happy Penguin + Fellow Fellow

Happy Penguin + Fellow Fellow

We are so excited to announce that we’ve become one of the new sponsors of Fellow Fellow. In case you’re not familiar, Fellow Fellow is a lovely blog that focuses on the beautiful things in life: design, fashion, crafts…

From gorgeous watercolors to peaks into life in Singapore and cupcake recipes, Fellow Fellow offers what we all sometimes need: a beautiful place to escape to that leaves us feeling inspired and rejuvenated. Oh, and did I mention she makes some wonderful paper products? Her white feather notepad belongs on my desk, where I can stare at it all day in adoration of the perfectly simple design. She also designed some of my favorite wedding invites ever.

What about you? Any other fans of Fellow Fellow out there? If you’re just learning about Fellow Fellow, please check out the blog and online shop!

All images © Fellow Fellow.

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