Pinterest Roundup

Pinterest Roundup

By now, most people have heard of the used-to-be-small-but-isn’t-anymore Internet-juggernaut-that-could, Pinterest. We here at Happy Penguin have fallen in love, right along with the masses. We’ve read many a blog post and article about the legalese, but we can’t help it. Not only is Pinterest just what we needed to help organize our online inspirations in an easier format, but it’s really, really addicting. So we thought that today we’d give you a sneak peek at our pinboards. Like we said, we’re big pinners (is that word yet?), so feel free to follow us and we’ll follow you back! All’s friendly in Pinterest-land. (Okay, now we know we’re making stuff up.)

1. Organization
As we said above, we’re big into organization. When you’ve got 450 or so cards floating around your office at any one time, you’ve got to keep the chaos reigned in! Our organization board does just that, allowing us to pin ideas and articles that we can consult later, whether for a DIY bookshelf project to give us more storage space or a handy link to some Martha Stewart office cabinets, it’s all in this board.
Image via 7th House on the Left

2. Food
If there’s one thing you’re going to learn about us, it’s that we like to eat. Really we do. We cook all the time and have to hold ourselves back from trying every new restaurant in town all in the same week. Food is a passion that we love to share with our family and friends. This board is our dumping ground for all things culinary and inspiring.
Image via The Amateur Gourmet. We made this recipe, and it was delicious!

Paper and quotations go hand in hand, don’t they? We find ourselves dreaming of clever sayings for cards all the time. Our quote board allows us to keep track of words and phrases that inspire us and our paper.
Image via We Heart It

4. Fonts
Ah, fonts. Who involved in one way or another with graphic design doesn’t swoon over all the fantastic fonts out there nowadays? We’ve had a thing for beautifully designed, rustic-looking fonts with a hand-drawn tinge ever since high school. When you spend 10 solid minutes trying to figure out if the typography on a bottle in a magazine ad was done by hand or a font you can purchase, you know you’ve got a font crush.
Image via Yellow Designs/My Fonts

And of course, 5. Paper!

Our paper pinboard is chock full of inspiration from other talented paper companies that we admire. It’s like our equivalent of ultimate eye candy. Sometimes we look at all the pretty pictures of cards and invitations and feel little pops of glee inside. The image above is by Stitch Design Co., one of our favorites.

So what about you? Anyone else out there a Pinterest addict? (Come on, we know you are!) We’d love to hear what you use Pinterest for in your own lives.

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