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Letterpress Wedding Invitations and Art Prints

Letterpress Wedding Invitations and Art Prints

Long time no see, friends! It’s about time we updated you on our comings and goings, don’t you think? We’ve been busy planning our holiday cards, as well as with some fun custom work.

Birmingham AL wedding invitations letterpress

These two-color art prints were printed for a family who love dandelions using the colors of their home. We love how delicate the dandelion artwork turned out!

Birmingham AL wedding invitations letterpress

We were also thankful to be approached by the ever-talented Kristen of Pen Meet Paper. Kristen needed someone to print her wedding invitations, and we were more than happy to help! Not only did we get the chance to work with Kristen’s lovely hand-lettering, but we got to print in a color that reminded us of UNC blue (as Tar Heels, we didn’t need any more reason to like that!).

Birmingham AL wedding invitations letterpress

Kristen paired them with a beautiful monogram.

Birmingham AL wedding invitations letterpress

(image from Kristen’s Instagram)

Birmingham AL wedding invitations letterpress

We don’t do much custom work, so any time we get to work with people on something special, it’s always so much fun. We’re diving into holiday work now, so stay tuned for more news!


the Happy Penguin team

Color Crush


It’s no secret that we love the color blue around here. From one of the first cards we printed (above) to our collaboration with Meme Davis (below), we somehow always find ourselves back at blue (and its cousin, green) when we’re printing.


We’ve made a conscious effort lately not to fight this urge. We want our work to be contemporary but speak true to us, and heck, there’s no denying that we like muted colors around here. (You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the color palette of our studio and home are very similar to our cards.)

So when I found a fun Tumblr site today called Pantone Solid Uncoated—basically a catalog of Pantone shades—I had to laugh when I kept opening the same shade of blue at different times, all without realizing it.

from Pantone Solid Uncoated on Tumblr
from Pantone Solid Uncoated on Tumblr

Now, Bryan would argue that this shade isn’t blue per se. It’s green. I’d argue that it’s both, a blue-green tone that reminds me of my childhood in San Diego, probably because it evokes the sea. It’s cheery and bright without being overbearing. It can be green to Bryan and blue to me, and we can agree to disagree about it. We’re like that with colors. Like our design tastes, decorating tastes, and even our tastes in food, we’re constantly evolving. Who knows, maybe a few years from now we’ll try on something more bold, a la Kate Spade, and surprise you with a whole new color shade of choice.

What about you? Got any colors you’re hooked on? We’d love to hear!

My Office Needs a Makeover

Remember the scene in Under the Tuscan Sun when Frances Mayes moves through her home, “introducing” herself as she scrubs the wrought iron bed that reveals the image of Mother Mary? We’ve been doing the same thing to our town home, which we bought last May. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we moved in. We’ve ripped down wallpaper, repainted almost every surface, and built a patio in the backyard, introducing ourselves to the dilapidated home we fell in love with and are reviving room by room.

Sadly, my office has been one of our more neglected rooms. (Somehow we’ve gotten more done downstairs than up.) So when I saw this image on Pinterest (originally via Irideeën) a few weeks ago, inspiration struck.

Office Inspiration

via Irideeën

I have a couple of things in common with this image, which might be why it struck me so. My walls are gray (Reverie Pewter by Benjamin Moore), and I have a white desk too. This large inspiration board would be a perfect place to pin or washi-tape (don’t you like how I made that a verb?) ongoing card projects rather than my current, all-over-the-office stacking system. Not only would it allow me to properly see collections as they evolve, but it would be pretty too! I’ve already found corkboard at my local Hobby Lobby, but need to price around and make sure it’s the best deal (or find myself a coupon! Thriftiness, my dears). I’m hoping to seek out some pretty fabric that I can cover the corkboard with, and then maybe add some snazzy nailheads around the edges. Can you tell that I’ve thought about this some? Just a tad.

I’ve even found the bird poster in the photo above here.

Originally intended for a child’s room, I think it has charming illustrations and the colors are right up my alley.

How do you incorporate inspiration into your work space? Do you have an inspiration board such as the photo above? Or maybe you like to frame inspirational images and hang them or let them rest on surfaces around the room? Let’s chat about it!