The Handmade Marathon at The Petit Cadeau

The Handmade Marathon at The Petit Cadeau

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected to take part in the Handmade Marathon over at The Petit Cadeau. Alison is running a marathon on November 4, and like others who sponsor and support groups during their training, Alison decided that she wanted to support handmade businesses! Awesome idea, huh?

image via The Petit Cadeau

So here are the details. One business a day will be featured at The Petit Cadeau during October 1 through 26. The object is to cheer for and support these business, all of which focus their efforts on handmade goods. If the other businesses are anything like Happy, they’ve got their hearts and souls invested in their businesses, and your support would mean the world and more to them. Via The Petit Cadeau:

Why handmade?
(+) Supporting handmade means supporting someone’s dreams
(+) Owning or gifting something unique and beautiful made from quality products
(+) Supporting a small business and helping that business thrive
(+) Becoming part of a community that believes in handmade

So stay tuned right here for more news on which day Happy will be featured, and please visit The Petit Cadeau and support the other businesses that will be featured. Imagine the fantastic new talent we’re going to learn about! We’re so excited to discover new artists and craftsmen/women who are embracing what they love and sharing it with the world. Come be excited with us!

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