The Winners of our Name That Press Contest

The Winners of our Name That Press Contest

We’re very happy to announce that Torrie and Aurelie have won our Name That Press contest! After much, much debate (and a little break where we both went off and did our own thing so that we could think about it some more), we decided that we really loved the sound of Ceci and Preciouse.

Then we himmed and hawed over Presston some more, which had so much wonderful pun-fun in it that we were royally stumped.

Then we decided.

Together, well, Ceci and Preciouse sounded so adorably French that we picked them both and gave the press a first and middle name! So thank you again to Torrie and Aurelie and everyone who submitted a name for our contest and helped us to welcome Ceci Preciouse (Ceci for short, because as I said in my comments to your name suggestions, I really love a nickname) to our family. We really appreciate it!

We have quite a few things getting ready to be released (Christmas cards, anyone?), so stay tuned!

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