Umba Box Surprises

Umba Box Surprises

A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to receive an e-mail from the kind folks over at Umba Box (soon to be known simply as Umba). If you aren’t familiar with Umba, it’s a monthly subscriptions service that sends a box of delightful handmade items to their subscribers each month. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? What a fun way to treat yourself or someone you love every month instead of just once!

heartmade lifeimage from Heartmade Life

So, Umba reached out to us. They explained that they had a last-minute opening, and would we like to contribute some cards to be included in an upcoming box? The turnaround time was super-duper quick, but we managed to provide them with some Happy Little Note cards, and are so happy that we were able to be included!

bluehappynote1So, if you’ve never heard of Umba, I encourage you to check them out. And thanks to Umba for reaching out to us! We were so happy to be included and share our work with their subscribers.

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