Unique Wording for Wedding Invitations

Unique Wording for Wedding Invitations

There’s never anything more simultaneously exciting and petrifying as designing wedding invites for your family. Exciting, because this is a naturally exciting time in your loved one’s lives, and petrifying, because you want them to be extra special. In my case, the bride I’m currently working with couldn’t be more special: my mom! My mom and her fiancé are planning to be married at their home in their beautiful backyard under a gazebo this coming November, and we’ve been brainstorming wedding invitations for months now. Her wedding is casual but special, intimate, with family and friends gathered ’round in the afternoon, with a hearty celebration to follow the ceremony. Because my mom and her fiancé have both been married before, they want their invitations to have less formal verbiage that will reflect the tone of the event. Enter Pinterest. Are you as addicted to this tool as I am? It’s been invaluable in researching unique verbiage for Mom’s invites. See below for two of the ones we like best.

These beautiful invites are by Chatham and Caron on Etsy, and I loved the phrasing they used. The invites really set the theme—I want to attend! And the choice of type faces lend an air of elegance to the whole package.

This card, by Doublesquare and found via Lovely Stationery, has fantastic wording. “Intimate family ceremony”? That’s just what we’re going for! I love the fact that they incorporated the word shenanigans into the invite. Every invite needs the word shenanigans in it, don’t you think? And high fives, to top it off. But maybe the best part is “Take the Monday off.” Classic.

We’re hard at work putting together her invites, but you’ll find shots of the finished project right here in a few month’s time. And maybe a picture or two of the blushing bride! 🙂 In the meantime, you can follow all our Pinterest fun here.

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