Welcome to the Warmth

Welcome to the Warmth

Welcome to the Warmth

Spring is starting to appear in our yard, and I am very excited for it.

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We love cherry blossoms (we even had them as the theme of our wedding!), and were lucky enough to buy a house where the tree in the back blooms thick with them each spring. They are delicate things that don’t last long, so we try to enjoy them before they float down to the ground and dissolve back into the earth.

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If we have been quiet lately, it is not because we’ve forgotten you! It’s because we have been very busy—busy with spring and printing and planning. There have been birthdays to celebrate, fresh vegetables to cook, and new ideas to ponder. We will have some announcements to share soon. In the meantime, I hope your weather has been as pretty as ours, and that you are able to come out of your winter slumber to embrace it.

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